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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  December 6, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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fl closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc >> reporter: good morning i'm katie marzullo live in oakland. a crime affecting bart, dangerous and it could affect your commute. a plan to borrow 850 million dollars for the 49ers stadium gets its first public hearing today. the largest public loan ever for an nfl stadium. san francisco supervisors set to approve a plan to extend ban on plastic bags. good morning i'm mike nicco here's a live look at downtown san francisco, frost is waiting for you this morning. looks like it is going to be another dry day. still a lot of roadwork
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some peninsula, some south bay, details coming up. good morning. 4:31 a.m.. my lips will work soon. they were frozen. >> deep freeze out there. >> you bet. >> thanks for joining us our top story a crime on the rise causing a huge problem for bart. thieves going after copper are endangering righters and them service. katie marzullo is live at the oakland station to explain. -- >> reporter: this is so dangerous on so many fronts the copper thieves are on the tracks while the trains are operating. this is an ongoing situation there have been two incidents one last friday and one sunday. authorities are not revealing at which stations these happened. we know that sunday a bart train driver looked out his window and saw a man on the tracks. he called police, he yelled for the nan to leave, called police but he was gone when
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authorities did arrive the thieves are cutting the cables the -- , the negative return cables which means there's incredible fire hazard an society and the damage could cause delays to the trains if they can't get across the tracks of course. a bart spokesman says he believes arrests should be coming. again, very dangerous to the person who is on the tracks while the trains are operating. it can could also be a large inconvenience to commuters if they have to stop or delay trains. bart doesn't keep statistics on this kind of thing. they don't have any estimate as to what this kind of crime is costing bart operation. katie marzullo, abc7 news. lucky supermarkets is urging some customers to consider closing their bank accounts and opening new ones. the advice after workers doing
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routine maintenance discovered card readers at self check-out counters were tampered with. dozens of customers have said money has been withdrawn from their accounts. luckies's is working with local and federal law enforcement to give customers the exact dates of when the tampering occurred. we have a list of the stores on our website, look under see it on tv. today san francisco supervisors will take a final vote on whether to expand the first plastic bag ban. supermarkets and pharmacies are already prohibited from providing plastic bags to customers. this new measure tends to all retailers and restaurants. requires a fee for paper and compostable bags to encourage customers to bring their own bags. the fee would start at 10 cents next year and rise to a quarter in 2013. retailers would keep the fee.
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santa clara now in line to get the largest public loan ever to build an nfl stadium. hearings to explain details of the 850 million dollar loan will take place tonight for the 49ers new stadium, tonight and thursday. critics are skeptical of a deal announced last day that secured stadium funding in the deal the 49ers promise to make sure the debt would be paid in case the stadium runs into trouble. san francisco mayor lee will get another chance to convince the owner to keep the team in san francisco when they meet thursday. governor brown has a question, would you pay more to fund your kids' school or local police department? he's taking an unusual approach going to sacramento, straight to the voters he wants a sales tax increase and put a tax hike on the wealthy. alan wang has more. >> reporter: in an open letter to californians, governor brown announced his plan to
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tax the rich. >> what is great about the proposal is that it is sharing the wealth. it is putting the largest onus on those amongst us who have the most to share. >> reporter: the governor's initiative calls for a 2% income tax increase for families earning $500,000 or more it would last five years it calls for a temporary half cent sales tax that brown says will be lower than the sales tax six months ago. >> not only does this proposal hit the job creators, but it hits the working-class with the sales tax increase. i think there is going to be a broad coalition opposing the plan. >> reporter: the governor says his initiative would raise seven billion dollars and used only for education and public safety. state republican party chairman says, increasing taxes won't add jobs. >> we are going to keep at this? or wake up and do what states
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like new york did, which is reduce the number of state bureaucrats, reduce taxes and make it easier for people to do jobs. >> if if californian sees what reinvesting in our schools do, perhaps in five years we'll be able to have a more productive discussion about how to change our tax system to really make it right for the long term. at least in this five years it will allow us to reinvest in education which is so important. >> that was alan wang. alan tells us the plan would include a tax hike on individuals making a quarter million dollars a year they will pay an extra 1%. if governor brown gets the 07,000 signatures needed to put that on the ballot, californians would vote next november. -- occupy movement has taken out full page ads across the country. the ad says the congressional super committee has failed to many coup with an answer to the nation's deficit. the -- the 99% says it has a
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solution it includes taxing wealth more, reducing the military budget, ending the wars and negotiating better pharmaceutical drug prices. occupy washington, d.c. says millions of jobs could be created by solving the housing crisis. for more go to a dozen people have been named to a task force investigating the pepper spraying at uc davis students, faculty and alumni will look at who is at fault and make recommendations. [ inaudible ] the incident happened november 18th, during an occupy protest. killing of ducks and geese at a concord park is worst than first thought. police say whoever killed six birds this saturday also probably killed 22 ducks and geese over the past month, including some at willow park. police are calling it the work
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of one they say the circumstances are similar. patrols have been stepped up to protect the remaining birds and catch the culprit. >> the temperatures may tempt homeowners with fireplaces to light them up this morning. air quality officials say hold on. the lack of a breeze is making air stagnant. air can trap wood smoke near the ground that smoke is unhealthy for anyone it can be a serious health hazard for anybody with respiratory problems. officials want us to refrain from burning wood today. >> mike does that mean this is a spare the air day? >> it is not. i think they are just taking precautionary steps not to create one. that's what i'm thinking. every time we have the first cold morning of the year they put out that press release. winds from the north are calmer this morning. the freezing temperatures are the big story. below freezing at official reporting stations in
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livermore, fairfield and novato. driving the car today not official, but you are going to look at yours too mine said 27┬░, definitely frosty at my house, 31 santa rosa, concord 33 same in mountain view rest of us around mid to upper 30s even 40s oakland, san francisco and half moon bay. here's the reason why, member breezes gusting 25 miles per hour? now fivep├╗ miles per hour. 8:00 this morning still around freezing north and east bay valleys. by noon all temperatures in the mid 50s. few low 50s lingering around the east bay valleys. towards the afternoon, 4:00, total sun and mid to upper 50s. another seven days without rain. seems like we are getting off to a rockie start. >> yes, bart is already reporting 15 minute delays for trains heading east bay to
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pittsburg bay point and dublin pleasanton, 15 minutes due to equipment problem on the tracks. not heading into san francisco at this point. i'll keep you posted on that. cal tran, ace and muni no delays. closure on eastbound 237 to milpitas connection ramp to northbound 880 will be reopened at 5:00 this morning. also, on 101 at embarcadero there was a full freeway closure now both directions are open. it looks like you see red sensors, that means there were slow cars heading in that direction. traffic is open in both decks of 101. >> -- both directions of 101. 4:40. washington admits an american spy drone did crash in iran. the top secret technology that may now be at risk.
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good morning. live look on the embarcadero brilling clear, cold. frost advisories out there how long will they last and will temperatures warm up much today? we check in with mike in a moment. the radar evading drone that crash-landed in iran was on a mission for the cia, according to a senior official. "los angeles times" reports the official says it is not clear whether the drone's mission -- whether it strayed because of malfunctions. iran claim it shot down the drone. the pentagon will not reveal the aircraft's full abilities or price tag but does acknowledge it may now be in
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iranian hands. the incident has raised fears that the technology could be exploited by tehran or shared with other american rivals. a high-tech gadget one of the hottest gifts for the holiday season, tablet. lots to choose from. there are two that seem to be getting all the attention. >> reporter: over a dozen different tablets beckon shoppers. for most, -- >> it is a two-horse race ipad and kindle fire. >> reporter: a survey revealing more than a third of tablet buyers plan to get an ipad 2. almost another third plan to buy amazon's kindle fire because of the $199 price tag. >> if this was priced at $399 it would not sell. >> reporter: that sets it apart from the other tablets that aren't stem -- selling as
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well. >> reporter: at best buy a manager told us tablets are out-selling laptops 2-1. ipad and kindle fire both hot sellers. the kindle fire is having a marketing problem some assume since it is a kindle all it does is read books. >> i don't read much books that's what it is for. >> reading online. >> reporter: the fire actually is a full tablet with web browsing, apps and movie downloads. >> i think amazon has a problem explaining that to customers. >> reporter: bargain hunters are still all over the amazon tablet the ipad is more of a luxury item. >> at home. >> reporter: it tend to get use whole family that may explain why a quarter of those surveyed want to get a kindle fire for the holidays. jonathan bloom, abc7 news. 4:45. bay area republicans prepare for a visit from presidential candidate mitt romney.
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there's some he will be refused to talk to. new poll shows newt gingrich surging in iowa. the latest on presidential politics, coming up. do you have overdue books? of course you do. what about library fines? we'll tell you about the new program that makes food as good as money. does your job keep you at your desk all day? the downside to your backside from all that sitting and what you can do @q
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let's take a look at temperatures across the country. by far it looks like winter denver 27, minneapolis the high today 19. 30s chicago, st. louis, salt lake, mid 40s seattle. 42 portland. i'm ignoring the east coast. low 60s incredible for those folks.
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philadelphia has had a lot of delays lately they are the only one newark went from yellow to green. back to our neighborhoods, everything is running smoothly. flight tracker at the bottom any time you travel. 4:49. republican presidential candidate mitt romney is scheduled to be in the bay area tomorrow for a fundraiser. he will be speaking to supporters willing to fork over from $1,000 to $2500 each for a chance to dine with him at the marriott. the former massachusetts governor was here last june. romney is expected to pick up an endorsement from former vice president dan quayle today. newt gingrich has storm to the top of the gop pack this morning. new poll overnight shows gingrich rocketing to a lead in iowa where caucusgoers will vote four weeks from today. the latest on the race for the
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white house. >> reporter: with a month to go before voting a new poll out this morning shows the size of newt gingrich's lead in iowa. among republicans planning to attend the iowa caucuses 33% favor the former house speaker. gingrich sets 15 point as head of his nearest rivals romney and paul. 43% of likely caucus attendees say gingrich has the best experience to win surging in polls, gingrich traveled to new york monday to kiss the ring of the man who wants to be the gop kingmaker, donald trump. gingrich got into a dust-up with romney, responding to this criticism. >> he's a lifelong politician. >> reporter: gingrich reminded voters romney has been around the political block too. our new poll shows 31% of iowa voters say they trust newt gingrich to handle the economy. mitt romney the businessman is 11 points back.
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to improve your bottom line doctors say we need to stand up more often. when we sit the force we put on body tissue causes the cells which our body converts into fat cells to produce more fat. especially in the lower parts of our bodies and can generate up to 50% more fat. standing can ease that unhealthy change. researchers say their advice holds true if we exercise and have an active lifestyle. >> you are talking the part of our bodies that make contact with the seat? >> yeah. just following the study. >> even standing. >> i'm still the same height. [ talking over each other ] >> i'm standing. >> okay. i'm doomed because i'm still sitting. mike has the forecast. >> you will run fast this morning maybe work off some of that excess baggage, if you
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will. >> boy is it cold. >> definitely cold. if you are running, run fast and be prepared for cool conditions get the credit card out you may be scraping ice off your car this morning. beautiful picture from mount tamalpais this morning, the air so clean this morning when you are driving, you can see for miles. gorgeous outside right now. let's talk about what is happening, freeze warning in effect for north bay valleys until 9:00 frost advisory for east bay valleys until 9:00 lowest temperature in the north bay valleys. could have a killing freeze with some of the plants hanging around. 28 novato, 29 fairfield. 30 livermore. 31 santa rosa, 33 concord, mountain view mid to upper 30s los gatos, san jose fremont redwood city low to mid 40s half moon bay san francisco oakland monterey bay mid 30s
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to upper 30s inland to salinas, watsonville santa cruz another frosty morning in gilroy 27. by the afternoon a lot of sun dry air and breezes will not be a problem as yesterday warming up to the 50s and 60s chilly tonight not as cold as this morning frost will be patchy overnight into tomorrow morning. sunny, rain-free forecast still in our neighborhoods. 60 walnut creek and danville otherwise east bay valleys upper 50s, upper 50s to near 60 east bay shore oakland 61 the warm spot low 60s, possible down in the south bay. up the peninsula, 59 millbrae. out at the coast upper 50s that will include downtown south san francisco cooler spots bodega bay 56 sausalito
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57 upper 50s to near 60 most of the north bay valley. 58 carmel, low 60s monterey bay inland until you get to salinas at 63. 44 tahoe today, no snow upper 50s through the central valley mid 60s los angeles, palm springs and san diego. tonight, low to mid 30s through most of inland neighborhoods 20s gone upper 30s fremont, palo alto and san jose the rest low to mid 40s. how about seven days without rain? may get cooler towards the weekend mid 50s in-- inland. bart no longer reporting delays heading to the east bay should be all gone entering the system now. other systems still looking good. looking great on the freeways as well.
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680 walnut creek no accidents reported now to slow you down afternoon the bay area traffic southbound towards highway 24, south bay light traffic at the 280 and 17 interchange roadwork scheduled on 880 through san jose southbound until 7:00 and northbound until 6:00 this morning. you can get the latest traffic by going to traffic. 4:55. construction project could turn a toxic dump into a public park is underway. ground was broken on phase i of the project yesterday. it was the site of a san mateo county dump for 30 years. the topsoil is heavily contaminated. once the soil is cleaned up a trail system and picnic takes will be put in. it could be open by next summer.
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student applications have reached record numbers for the third year in the cal-state university system more than 665,000 freshmen and transfer student as for the next school year up from 611,000 last year. this was the first year that latino applicants out-numbered white applicants, 33%-31%. until the end of the year food is as good as money when it comes to paying library fines. the libraries are sponsoring a food for fines campaign. you can repay your obligation by donating food. >> five nonperishable items bring them into the library and you would have the items checked in. then the $5 would be taken off of your account. >> the community food bank says the timing couldn't be better. in november the bank sent 15% more people to new jersey food
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sites this year than last so the -- to -- so the need is greater this year. 4:57. double park, pay the price. , the stiff fine double parking drivers could face in san francisco. copper thieves are a problem for bart. i'm live in oakland. they are not only stealing copper wire but posing a danger to themselves and others. legislature jumps into the debate over california's planned high speed rail system. the new concern that could be the train to nowhere. this is droid razr by motorola.
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